Difference between a Hybrid Golf Club, a Rescue, and a Fairway Club

What’s the difference between a hybrid golf club, a rescue, and a fairway club
Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between a hybrid golf club, a rescue club and a fairway club?

When would you use them?  Which one would you use and why?

Well, to give you a simple answer:

Fairway Club – It has a larger face and it is made to be a more forgiving golf club than the three; the fairway clubs tend to be hit longer than rescue and hybrid.  A typical usage of this club is when you tee off on a hole where you need to be accurate.  You can use the fairway club instead of a driver.  Also used to hit a longer seconds shot on something like a par5 course.

Hybrid Club – Like irons with the backing of a wood.  These clubs (depending on what degree you buy) can be hit just like a 3 Iron/2 Iron.  If you have trouble hitting longer using irons, this club could be just perfect for you.  Also the Hybrid are perfect out of rough where a long iron would get caught when coming through impact and get snagged, the Hybrid is designed to cut through the grass.

Rescue Wood is much simliar to the Hybrid.

Please do check out Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golf_club#Hybrid_woods

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